To cruise... Carnival Fantasy

This sailing was immediately after the unsatisfactory health inspection of the Fantasy. First off we paid special attention to facilities, our room, the MDR, etc. We noted NO issues with cleanliness or sub par training of staff. I feel confident CCL corrected the issues and we felt safe as far as any related issues. Our room was VERY clean, and Budi, our steward, was probably the nicest and friendliest steward we have had.

This was our first sailing out of Mobile. This port is closest to where we live in Dothan AL, only about 2.5 hours drive. Parking here for this 4 day cruise was $72 and can be paid and reserve in advance which is a big plus for me. As far as ease of entry, the lines move VERY quickly, i would rate this one highest in getting the folks through the fastest. Carnival staff was very friendly and helpful in the security and boarding areas.

For this cruise, we elected to board at the earliest time available. Up to now, we had always boarded later to avoid the longer lines but it was so efficient there was no need to wait and that is a huge plus.

Again, many thanks to Vance G at CCL for priority boarding, carrying the bags or camera eqpt can almost be a trip killer at times, that makes it so much easier.

Ports of call this cruise:

Friday, day at sea

Saturday, Cozumel, Mexico

Sunday, day at sea

Monday disembark.

This was the shortest cruise we had taken thus far, but needed a quick, relaxing break after a great deal of work lately. It certainly did the trick.

Another first on this trip was we took out the insurance due to sailing in mid hurricane season. I would highly recommend anyone sailing during hurricane season months, take out the insurance. Hurricane Dorian taught quite a few cruisers that lesson this year.

Jennifer St John, Guest Services Manager was very helpful on this trip and made sure we got on and off the boat efficiently and easily. That is so appreciated you guys have no idea.

Pauly was our cruise director and let me just say, at times directors will pass you in the hallway and not look up. Every time i saw Pauly, he stopped and spoke. I love this guy, he was an exceptional Director.

Tony Becker was our hotel director and Pura, I made, and Aireen were our wait staff. The wait staff was exceptional. They rivaled the Dreams wait staff. Pura made sure we had what we needed and stopped to talk-at length about our evening wear in detail the night of formal wear. Budi though, he was SO friendly, i am hoping he is still aboard in Feb when we sail, im gonna look that dude up. Our room didn't have a fridge when we arrived, I spoke to Abhinanth, the floor super, and within 2 minutes, we had a fridge up and running. That's service folks..

Although this was a short cruise, Patti and i felt we had the most relaxing time as far as not having anything scheduled, we napped, we people watched, and i did my photojournalist thing when we ported in Cozumel. The water so clear, the atmosphere in Cozumel is so relaxing.. The drive there and back was MUCH shorter than we had in the past, it just made for a better experience.

Patti did some snorkeling in Cozumel, i stayed on the catamaran and chatted up the captain and staff. Great guys and so much fun. I did hop in at the second stop and snorkel but the eqpt they gave us kept tipping me down, and i was trying a the same time to hold the camera and take underwater pics. It was fruitless and i gave up.. perhaps next time we can schedule the ones that provide the full chest jackets so it wont tip you down so easily.

TIP your stewards, and wait staff folks ! These guys work for months at a time, separated from family and spend long hours to make sure your trip is the best it can be.