To cruise or not to cruise ? To cruise... Carnival Liberty

We set sail on the Carnival Liberty one winter afternoon; winter and the Caribbean, certainly an exotic mix of sand, sunshine, Christmas cheer and nostalgia.

Nassau, Bahamas. White, sugary sands, warm tropical waves in crystal clear blue and turquoise waters, long stretches of sandy beaches, and kids playing with the local wildlife...

Tropical Paradise.

There is nothing quite like a cruise just after the holidays.

This particular cruise, taken just after Thanksgiving, provided rest, relaxation, warm Bahamian sunshine, and an extension of the holiday feeling. Yes, one can drive to the local beach, or travel great distances to your favorite coastal town, but why not explore an exotic locale for a fraction of the cost? Cruising has become a favorite way for us to explore destinations we would not be able to otherwise, and there are many ways to expand your area of exploration with Iceland, Europe, Hawaiian, European, and Panamanian cruises to satisfy that eternal travel itch a lot of us experience.

Photography and photojournalism activities usually take up a good portion of the time away when we travel. It's really is a love and passion to capture that one moment, in life, that split second when the water droplet lets go of a trusty perch, or that perfect sunset over the Caribbean.

Those are the moments in life very much shareable for a lifetime. Travel and photography capture those moments, and one sure way to get to these destinations is to take a cruise.

Let someone else do the driving, the cooking, the laundry, and the cleanup. Enjoy life, soak up the sun, feel the warm rays heal you from the inside.

Indeed, most of us feel a drive, a sense of purpose of what we are to do during our life. The moments are fleeting, the time is short. What we do have, are our memories, our loved ones, our family, and our time to donate to making those memories and to helping others. In the end, memories and our experiences are what define us, make us who we are. Good and bad, experiences mold and shape our lives in ways we may never fully understand, however, one thing is for sure, we are what we are, and how we relate to everyone around us.

Traveling, and experiencing other cultures is one of the best ways to expand our understanding of how people around us live and are shaped by their own environments.

But to warn you, traveling puts you at risk; it exposes one to different cultures and rituals, to understand how others live and how blessed we are to live where we do, to have the friends and family support systems that we have.