To cruise... aboard the Carnival Elation

This trip we started at St Simon's Island en route to Jacksonville, our first time sailing from this port. Jax has a more industrial feeling than most of the other ports. Its quite organized however, and the flow is brisk. The typical parking fee here is about $85 for a 5 day cruise, but unlike Tampa, we had to park a very good distance from the actual port entrance. Luckily, they did have porters so the return trip to the car was a little better than the initial drop-off. We stayed on Deck V in a suite for this cruise, there were 3 of us, TIna tagged along for her first cruise, its always the most fun to take someone who has never cruised before and watch their eyes light up like a kid on Christmas morning when you get to the ship dock. Tina had a birthday surprise waiting for her when we got to the room and she seemed tickled the ships crew had arranged for a cake and decorations :)

The stops on this trip were Nassau, Bahamas and Half Moon Cay, Bahamas,

Upon arrival to our room, there was a welcome letter by hotel director Martin Fowler making sure we felt welcome, it worked.

We had alerted PR for CCL we would be doing article photography on this cruise for a piece on cruising to the Bahamas. The blog posts we posted to prior to these reach over 350,000 subscribers on FB.

The first sea night was cruise elegant so we all got dressed up in our dressy duds, this is always something i look forward to. Its prom night for adults !

Hog Island light station, Nassau

Nassau, pink indicates govt facilities, this light station sat outside the harbour, accessible by boat only.

Hog Island light station Nassau

The next day, we had an excursion planned in Nassau however due to technical difficulties with the operator, it got cancelled so we ended up exploring on our own. The initial plan was to investigate the far side of the island, where presumably, a U-Boat facility operated during WWII, sinking several ships and stayed hidden until after the war. Little information is known and we wasn't able to do any further investigation, at least from a boat, but plan to on future visits.

Tuesday, we hit the beaches at Half Moon Cay and i think Tina fell in love with cruising even more. The only damper on the day was a rain shower toward the end of our beach day.